Thursday, 31 May 2012

May Challenge: the round up

The challenge looked like this:

  1. Run 26.2 miles in May .... I managed 22.7miles - close but no cigar
  2. Paint my nails once .... I did TWO different sets of nail painting :-)
  3. Complete 6 body pump classes .... one/6
  4. Complete 6 iCycle secessions .... three/6
  5. Avoid white stodge (bread, potato's, pasta & rice) for at least 6 out of 7 days a week. .... to be honest I have not been counting but I have had wholemeal toast & bagels - tonight was my first pasta meal I can remember and over the weekend there was some pizza and some baguette that went down
  6. NOT get on the scale ... AT ALL, I mean it! .... SUCCESS and I have not missed it.  I feel calmer and in a way more confident about myself.
I've enjoyed the challenge, not too much pressure but enough to get me out of that seriously funky pity-party I was wallowing in.  I'v regained energy and motivation to work out and I'm trying to let my body control what I eat and when I eat and avoid boredom & emotional eating.  So far so good :-)

For todays run I was going to head out back to run around the fields before picking the kiddos up from school .... FAIL!! I could't get out the back gate thanks to this glorious sunshine (preceded by glorious rain) as the stinging nettles were out in FULL force 

I did try to bash them back but they were biting and fighting back.  So I gave up and headed out the front gate and off around the local pavements. Problem was I had dressed like a fluorescent beacon because I thought no one (besides dog walkers) would see me ...... 
...... WRONG!

I had a great time regardless AND even managed to knock out 2 sub 12 minute miles .... not done that before (well that I can remember anyways!!)

Here is to an equally successful June for all.