Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Hold onto your panties ...

Yesterday I ran, today I did Body Pump ... skies the limit peeps (in which case I most certainly want to hold on to my panties ;-)).

If you have preferred to miss my 12 day Pity Party, good on you because it was a HUM-DINGER but by all account I seem to be back and hoping for no slip sliding backwards.  

SO, how did I manage to get myself out of it?
Lots of positive motivation searching, chocolate cake, good friends, biscuits, blog advice, pasta, motivation, more chocolate ... you get the idea!  

You will have seen these floating around Facebook at some point but here they are again:

& my personal favourite (please don't be offended)

It's going to be a slow road back to where I was mentally & physically.  I am still aiming to achieve my May Challenge Goals and try to avoid processed foods.

I have an idea of what may have caused this pity party.  I was tired, run down and emotionally stressed which started off my eating starchy foods and then I found myself face first in chocolate cake and of course you can't exercise with cake on your face now an you!!!  By the time I was ready to stop the party I was sick and my body was drained of any energy it ever had.  Now when I'm sick I need comfort food so the bad eating did not stop.

In Summary:
  • The bad eating has not stopped but it IS has been tamed and is being scrutinised and documented
  • I am back to exercising and 
  • I'm taking plenty of Berocca's and iron water

How do you cope with being sick?