Wednesday, 25 April 2012

A word from Rufus Pup

See my front right leg ...

It's a little swollen because I got bitten by something :-(

I was feeling very sorry for myself yesterday and mom rushed me to the vet, TWICE.  I had a follow-up appointment today as well which I tried to get out of but mom was having none of it!

Yesterday I was playing in the garden and something bit me, I don't know what it was and neither does the vet.  It started in my paw and over 36 hours spread up my whole leg.  I am heavily medicated at the moment with anti-inflamitories, anti-histamines and today I got andy-biotics.  Oh and mom also insists on sharing her rather chilly ice pack with - frozen veg of all things I tell you this woman in cheap ;-)

Worst thing is she won't take her eyes off me, watching ALL the time, I try to play lots with Bella and eat all my food but she still insists on watching me, not sure what she is waiting for !?!?!

Bloggy hugs to you all & a chubby paw wave 

PS mom hasn't done her run today, I told her she was naughty but she was having a cup of tea Caramel Rooibos latte .... pppffftttt alright for some I tell you ;-)