Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Pink Dumbells

1st order of business: I was not joking about the pink Barbie'esk style weights ;-).  Its all I can handle right now its been so long since I did strength training of ANY description, also have a case of what I think is frozen shoulder which is a pain in the neck!
(they are pink not red ... bad lighting sorry!)

2nd order of business: the kids thought it was *i-interuptus-mom-cycle* secession GEISH guys!!!

3rd order of business: Whilst finishing off 30 Day Shred mini-me-snr came and gave me a flower and said "wow mom your doing great" ... melted my heart   .... it was the only part of me NOT sweating ;-)

4th order of business: I actually wiped my face with those stinky socks half way through Shred - it was to far to stretch for the towel ... sorry. gross. I know!