Monday, 2 April 2012

My Matcha Experience

I read a few reviews on Matcha, Teapigs Matcha to be exact so thought I had to try it out (thank you Laura and Rachel).  Thanks to Laura, I even got a bloggers 20% discount code :-)
Match & my Macbook in moody lighting :-)

My order in I forgot about it until it arrived Friday 02 Feb - I had to give it a try IMMEDIATELY!  I perused the instructions and decided on a "Matcha Latte".  It was scrummy and within about 30 minutes I was feeling the kick so to say; not heart racing/palpitating like if I have had Guarana, nope this was just a great energy buzz.  This was around 11am, it was great and lasted until around 5pm when above all things I needed it most ...  for my run ...  I need better timing ;-)
Saturday: I didn't have any.
Sunday: I made another Matcha Latte about 20 minutes before my 12 mile run, I think it helped - I only needed 2 shot bloks and that was because I felt more hungry than anything - so this may become a regular PreRun shot :-)

I've had a variety of concoctions over the weeks but I don't seem to drink a cup EVERY day which now means my tin is WAY over expiration date (use within 30 days of opening),  I am chancing my arm and still using it double the time after opening .... it was too expensive not to (I'm a miser ;-)).  I can't say if its potency has diminished because I have had it on days I have had to take antihistamines which normally knock me out.

It also works quite nicely with Kara Coconut Milk as a latte but the milk doesn't froth the same way cows milk froths but the taste is similar.  My least favourite mix would have been the one I did with cream, I think the cream was too thick for the powder to dissolve in to it??!!
It was GROSS!

Even though it is pricy (£25 for a 30g box) I'll keep drinking it because I think I benefit form the extra energy although the odd lump makes it grotty its worth it.  When I do long runs or cycles I think it will be invaluable as a pre workout staple.


Disclaimer:  As usual, I bought this product, I was not compensated in any way for this review.