Monday, 23 April 2012

Monday Schmunday!

I am so insanely busy at the moment I bearly know what to do with myself ... or more specifically, my laundry pile that is growing out the basket and up the wall.  And yet I still have time to do ...
THIS ...
to myself?!?!?!
It's all about priorities right ;-)

When last did you use a nose strip?

Had a great day Sunday cheering at the London Marathon.  If you haven't already go check out my pics on Facebook (link to the right).

I'm loving body pump (release 81 tonight) but I need to find an earlier Monday night class ... 8 to 9pm is just too late for me.  I've stayed at the same weights (very light) because as it turned out I still had DOMs Thursday into Friday from my last Monday nights class!!!!

My running is going well, I've not had any knee pain but that is probably down to the fact I've not run further than 2 mile sat a time over the past 2 week .... slowly slowly catchy monkey I think the saying goes

I must dry my hair and get some sleep now so hope all you peeps are keeping well and living healthy.