Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Midweek Mixed Bag

Bit of a mixed bag today folks ... even the weather has been mixed up, a little sunshine a little dark menacing cloud floating around, little bit of activity and a little bit of a snooze on the couch.

Mini-me-jnr & I dropped off the cupcakes at the vets this morning on our way through to his swimming lesson, they were much appreciated and I hope they went down equally well.  I'm not sure if I mentioned previously but mini-me-jnr tried swimming lessons last summer but he & the teacher didn't "gel", lets say he needs focus & pamper attention when learning & she was clearly an "if you can't keep up I'm not interested" teacher ... fine as all the other kids WERE keeping up just not mine!  So anyway we stopped and I said when he was ready to try again he must let me know.  SO a few weeks ago he did, so I opted for the rather pricy private lesson route to boost confidence ...... BEST decision EVAR, he's still floated up to the hilt (float belt, wings and a noodle) but loving every single minute & Abigail is amazing with him.  Kids are so funny that one day they can't / won't do something and then the next they will, I just can't keep up :-)

My favourite lunch at the moment ...
I know this because I have eaten this EVERY day for almost 10 days :-) It's beef mince with braised lentils and curry powder fried together then mixed into a bowl of veggies & I'm loving it at the moment.

Anyways I had my Matcha tea, after my snooze needless to say, so am now rearing to go for my workout so please excuse me while I go iCycle and have a go at some 30 Day Shred with my pink Barbie-Girl weights.