Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Feeling Triumphant Today

Thats right, today I am feeling ...... triumphant :-)

I've not been a saint over the past few days and blogging has not been in the fore but life has been trundling along from a dismal March for me.  I finished off the month in a way to spin a positive on it.
I reached over 42 fans and page follows on Facebook and announced winners
See HERE for the excitement of the draw.
I have returned to healthy eating habits 90% of week.
I'm feeling good and positive about this and its been easier this time.
I have been cross training on the turbo trainer.
I want to do the occasional swim as well but school holidays and my timing are a bit hit-and-miss ;-)
I have been doing my IT band stretches and strength exercises.
Dr Nam will be proud of me ... I hope!
We got new choocks'
... see how I just threw that in there ;-)
Meet Violet, Clucky, Shadow, Emmy ..... and Steve*!
 *Steve was named by mini-me-jnr, he has a weird sense of humour even at only 5. Remember he named our 1st 4 chickens Cheese, Cheese, Cheese and Cheese!!! 

Tomorrow my beautiful Bella girl turns 2.  Its bitter sweet because Billy is not here to share his twin sisters birthday but Rufus is :-)  I baked some Lemon Poppy Seed Cupcakes which are totally AWESOME but to be honest I am VERY pleased that I am taking them in to the veterinary surgery for the staff.  They are always so good with my pups I wanted to thank them and what better way than on Bella & Billy's birthday.

Lemon Poppy Seed Cupcakes

Does anyone have any Easter Weekend plans?
We're heading to the Science Museum in London on one day, not sure of the rest :-)