Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Dashing In

Just dashing in to say hello to everyone, it has been rather manic since school started again and I've already been on a trip with the Year 1s to visit the local church and "talk architecture" with them ... no I'm not an architect, just a parent helper to keep the numbers right ;-)

Cheering on all the runners at the Brighton marathon was fantastic, freezing ... but fantastic.  I spoke to my friend today and she was blown away by the whole marathon thing and she thinks she is now hooked.  I can't wait to do my first its going to be so awesome.  If you missed the pictures go have a look at them on my Facebook page (link to the right of the posts).

April achievements to date:
Food has been good, Easter weekend was a tad debauched not as bad as it could have been.
Exercise has been incredibly positive, my knee has been behaving so I'm going to kick it up to 3 runs a week again this week.  AND I have also introduced Body Pump back into the mix ..... eeeerrrrmmmm I am so back in LOVE with it, I might have to join gym again.

So overall very happy with the way Aprils exercise:

April week 1April week 2April week 3
Monday40min iCycleRun 5kmBody Pump
TuesdayZumbaZumbaiCycle 40 min
& iStretch 10 mn
Wednesday40min iCycle
& 30 Day Shred
40min iCycle

Friday20 min iCycle20 min iCycle
& 30 Day Shred
SaturdayrestRun 3miles 
Sunday1hr random cycling
approx 23miles*
rest day
I'll be back to normality soon but in the mean time I need to play blog reading catch-up.