Monday, 12 March 2012

What I ate last week

This is not a What I ate Wednesday post but more like a food diary.  I don't seem to be tracking what I eat these days so thought I would do it here for the week.  Not loads of pictures (if any actually)

Breakfast: 2 boiled eggs on toasted rye bread (marge spread); coffee & milk
Lunch: Dry fried curry mince with vegetables; mint tea
Snacks: slice of beef; boiled egg, slice of beef and 3 little squirts of Mayola; coffee with cream
Dinner: pork stir fry with half an avo
Snack: Nakd cocoa-mint bar; decaf coffee with cream
Exercise: No formal exercise (chiropractor visit).

Breakfast: boiled egg; coffee with cream
Lunch: Dry fried curry mince with vegetables;
Snacks: 12 mini chicken satay sticks (100% chicken apparently); raw carrot
Dinner: Chicken pieces, brown rice, steamed carrots
Snacks: decaf coffee with cream
Exercise: 20 minute iCycle secession

Breakfast: 2 rashers bacon, 1/2 fried orange pepper, 2 egg omelette; coffee with milk
Lunch: Dry fried curry mince with vegetables; coffee with milk
Snacks: Nakd cocoa-mint bar; snack-a-jacks; 
Dinner: Chicken pieces & sausages with braised lentils & roasted butternut
Snacks: Nakd cocoa-mint bar & mint tea
Exercise: 3.5mile run in the park

Aaaaannd I managed to capture 3 days of eats, needless to say you can pretty much bet that the rest of the week and weekend did not involve good food choices.  Today has started out rather pathetically as well, rich tea biscuits, marshmallows and chocolate spread do not make up any of the main food groups no matter how hard I tried to :-(  It was only half way through the day so I think I've managed to pull myself back on track.

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Random pictures from Legoland otherwise this post is just BORING!