Thursday, 15 March 2012

Talking to myself

I had a little conversation with myself on the way to and from the chiropractor this morning it went something like this: Voice 1 vs Voice 2
What if Dr Nam can't fix me?
Don't be silly he will!
No but, yes but .... really, there is only so much someone can do, there are only 37 days until race day.
I have not run further than the Brighton half marathon 25 days ago, I'm running out of time to run my long training runs ...... I've yet to do 15 miles with little less than 4 weeks to go.
I'm going to have to defer my place aren't I?
I mean I can't do 26.2 miles with the little splat of training I've done, it's just insane!
Breath silly, don't make rash judgments just yet ..... 
Crap I'm scared, what if I can't run for another week .... thats it really, marathon for 2012 OVER!
Whatever the outcome the decision you make has to be the right one for your body.
Bugger, I'm here already.

Cue me sitting in the car fiddling with phone for half an hour.

I think Dr Nam could see the fear/disappointment in my face as I started to talk and point to my knee, thigh and hip.
"OK, I'm going to do dry needling .... we'll get you better."
On the table in gorgeous gown, 3 needles go into the IT band then he attaches little clips from the needles to a machine that makes my Iliotibial band twitch.  After a while, twitching stops and the needles come out.  Then 3 Xs suction cups go on and my leg is taught, couldn't relax the lower leg if I tried.  Once the cups came off it was DEEEEEP tissue massage time:
To Dr Nam: My, thats not quite a like a normal relaxing massage!!

Left thigh just after treatment 
(sorry about the random finger, pretend its pointing to the suction cup marks 'kay!)

About 5 hours post treatment
Lower 2 suction cup positions have left slight bruised marks

I've been given ANOTHER IT band stretch to do along with the others and all my calf stretches I do.  Orders are to not foam roll today, try a short jog tomorrow and then a longer run on the weekend (foam roll and stretch before and after); and then I'm back in to see him again Tuesday morning

Holy Crap that was sore!!!!
Yip, but at least know there is a chance you will make it to the start line now.

In between all this stress eating has taken over, stress levels are up ... basically been a wreck, but then again, where's then fun in doing something big if there is no drama ;-)

Have you ever trained for something big and not made the start line or had to pull out half way.  How did you cope or react?