Sunday, 11 March 2012

Stupid Knee!

Oh goodness why does this have to happen?  This morning I was aiming for 15 miles, I've had a great week running on grass and I was looking forwards to the challenge of running more than the 13.42miles previously my maximum.  I woke at 5am to get some breakfast in me, bagel with almond nut butter, chilled for a bit (read: waited for it to get light) then headed out.  Plan was to run to the park, then do 11 loops and run home, that would get me close to 15 miles.
Best bit about a morning run through the park is you cut a path through the dew so I could "hold my line" for each park loop ... it was fab, fresh & invigorating.

I was having a total balst, felt great, all the joints in the foot were behaving and then at mile 7 it was like my left knee PINGED .... so I ran-hobbled a bit until I couldn't.  I stopped and stretched and massaged the knee a bit, walked to test it, it felt OK so started to run again .... NO it said so I repeated the stretching and massaging.  Thing is I repeated this all the way home, basically 3 miles of hobbling and stretching :-(

I'm pretty sure it's the IT band (Iliotibial Band) & I'm heading out to the garage to retrieve my foam roller for some home torture BLAH!

I am prepared for lots of grimacing, grinding teeth and well yes, TEARS!

In other news .... took the kids to Legoland today, parental hell I had a BALST on several rides and scream louder than the kiddos but they were happy wooohooo :-)