Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Miles ...

Miles logged the past 7 days in my trainers = 3.

As you may recall I had foot pain last week (tendon down the outside of my right foot) after my Sunday run which I had to cut short my planned 15 miles and stopped at 10 miles as I had started to whimper the pain was so bad.  Fortunately I had a chiropractor appointment for Tuesday so I rested up until I could see him.  I have been posting updates over on Facebook so if you don't follow me there yet - go do so because when there is not a lot to say or enough drivel for a full blog post I post a brief update there - also there is a recent puppy picture up so go check it out, everyone loves cute puppy pictures right? RIGHT!  Anyway back to the chiro appointment: my right foot metatarsals were a bit of a mess so he wiggled and jiggled them back in to place with the order of NO running this week, cycling was fine. I was however to do one run before my appointment today.  I believe he said that if I had carried on running on the Sunday to complete my full 15 miles I would have kissed this years marathon goal goodbye!

So as a good patient I did not run until yesterday, PING 3 miles logged.  I did them on the treaddie and I was ok, no pain but aware of the tendon.  At the appointment he said my ankle clicked back in to place nicely which was a good thing apparently?!?!?! Upshot is I can resume training with a proviso that if I do HAVE to use the treadmill that I run for no more than 10 to 15 minutes at a time and take a few minutes off after each run spurt to stretch and stuff because the treadmill is not my biomechanical friend.  Ideally he suggested running on grass and my last resort should be the treadmill ..... for me apparently running on uneven surfaces is a good thing - he CLEARLY has not heard that I can trip over the pattern in the carpet .... watch this space for future running *accidents*.  He also gave me yet MORE exercises to do - more strength to help the ankle out.

Hope everyone is well and loving the crispness of March :-)