Thursday, 22 March 2012

March Roundup, already!

I realize the month is nowhere near done but I wanted to recap it so far anyway … it’s not pretty but indulge me please.  I have been a bit quiet recently trying to let my knee saga play out and lead me to a decision on whether or not to run the London marathon this year or next.

The month started out rather well, with dinners out with friends and the kids all happy and enjoying life, I was recovering nicely from the Brighton half and life looked bright and breezy.  Then somehow I started to loose a few wheels along the way!

How the decline started: 
A fox got in and annihilated all my chickens, during the day whilst they were out their run, I was gutted my girls were just lovely and had individual little personalities and a joy to have around.

Phase 1 of my decline:
My knee started giving me jip and the treatment for IT band followed and continues so running is minimal if at all at the moment. So needless to say, marathon training is on hold = sad me.

Phase 2 of my decline: 
Yesterday we had to take Bella in to have a tumor removed from her lip (damaged cells from a puncture wound compliments of Rufus puppy). They have done a beautiful job for which I am eternally grateful, but now we have to keep the poochies separate for 5 days so she can heal properly ….. Rufus managed to howl a LOT last night!

Phase 3 of my decline: 
Whilst Bella was in for her little op I managed to trip over Rufus puppy and face plant into the floor ...
Me feeling sorry for myself yesterday :-(

.... and because when I do something I do it so well, I managed to crash both knees on the way down as well.  Today my entire being aches, my face, my knees, my arms, my head ….. I am having fun with it on the school run by starting off with “well I went out for a drink last night and got into a bit of a cat fight – you should see the other chick” ;-)

And as an added bonus the kids were on top form this morning at being whiney and uncooperative not what I needed …. They did think it was funny that I can’t whistle with my fat lip though so at least the mood lightened up after my several attempts to prove them wrong.

I just feel woefully sorry for myself right now and am hesitant to think of what else could go wrong – but lets be honest, I’m hoping I don’t find out!  I need a lift me up experience but Zumba is out of the question thanks to my knees.  I tried a glass of wine last night but even that failed to lift my spirits so I will have to keep looking.

Do you ever feel pathetically sorry for yourself when you feel all the forces in the world are working against you?  How do you get over it?
I seem to get rather demanding .... I want my normal brain and body back ..... NOW!