Thursday, 1 March 2012

I keep wanting to call today Tuesday but clearly it's not because otherwise mini-me-snr missed football and did swimming instead and mini-me-jnr missed karate all together ;-)
... I must have spring fever
Signs of life in the garden already

Well my feet have mostly been up in the air since Sunday, but I still haven't painted my toenails!!!  I did exert myself yesterday with some cross training; I did a 45 minute iCycle secession and then decided to swing a kettlebell around for a while since its been some time I'v done that ..... I nearly DIED you guys!!!!!

Here's what I did:
5 x cleans
5 x rear lunges (same leg holding kb)
5 x rack-squat-press (NO clean)
5 x windmills
5 x high pull

Do 1 set each side = 1 round
Do 3 to 6 rounds

Here's what I managed before I keeled over and platzed:
2 rounds
8kg bell
It took me all of 09:17 min:sec
I'm a wuss .... death optional ;-)

My hamstrings, gluteus and inner thighs have not stopped WHINGING about it all bally day I tell you!

Paint your toenails for me please & comment what colour .... it may motivate me to do the same.