Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Following Orders

YEAH RIGHT!!!!  Yes it should be easy I know, it should be straight forward:

  1. Get dressed into running kit like normal, 
  2. Go to loo 400 times - like normal,
  3. Head outside instead of running on the treadmill ..... aaaaaahhhhhhh  mmmmmmmm ...

Tell me you don't love the pseudo South African/English accent, AGH I hate hearing myself :-)

I mean COME ON BLIGHTY give me a break, I've just had a week long hiatus from running and now you dish me this crap weather on what was supposed to be my first day venturing out to find a patch of grass to run on!!! EISH, guess I'll be swapping iCycle for todays run and try again tomorrow.

I am SO a fair weather runner at the moment, someone kick me to bada$$ territory please :0)

When I do go out, I WILL be running in one of my 2 new running skirts from Running Skirts UK I got "Preppy Black" and "Purple" and love them both.  They also have a buy one get one free offer at the moment which expires on the 18th of March 2012 (there is a link on my Facebook page with more details) ... it's why I got TWO new skirts ;-)**

**I do not get paid or compensated for this shameless punt, I just love the skirts and think its a great deal and wanted to share.