Sunday, 25 March 2012

Feeling Good & Planning Ahead

... well just for the one week at the moment :-)

Thank you to everyone who offered kindness at my last post, it really does help to get it out there because in a way it makes the problems less big.

Face plant & IT band update: almost all the scabbing has gone so now (YAY Bio Oil) I just have a fat lip and a few bruises to content with.  My knee bruises came up a treat so I am pleased I decided against running for a few days because who knows what was happening under the knee caps!  I am hoping the extra rest will also help the old IT band heal as well.

Chicken update: I have turned half the soil in the chicken run with a pitch fork and just need to move the hutch over so I can do the second half tomorrow (hands be warned :-)  Then I will investigate getting some new girls in so they can settle and find their way around.

Rufus & Bella update: Bella's lip is healing beautifully and we have let them play together a little yesterday and most of today; and last night they sleep in the kitchen together again .... suffice to EVERYONE is happier not to mention Bella, I think she was starting to think she had done something terribly wrong and was being punished, poor gorgeous girl xxx

Marathon decision has been made: If you missed it on Facebook, here it is .....

Exercise post marathon decision: This is an outline, I want to see what I like at the moment and what I can fit in to a day.
Monday: Run; Yoga/stretching; Strength
Tuesday: iCycle; Zumba
Wednesday: Run; Yoga/stretching; Strength
Thursday: iCycle; Zumba
Friday: Run; Yoga/stretching; Strength
Saturday: Longer run
Sunday: Sweet rest and repose

Food, I plan in keeping it simple and cutting out the crap I have been consuming, sounds simple enough when I say it but I know it will be hard.

Here's to a great last week of March.