Saturday, 4 February 2012

SNOW & NEW Shoes!

YAY, its has FINALLY started to snow here.  Just a light dusting at the moment so I hope it keeps it up through the night and there is enough to go out and play in tomorrow :-)

Last week I ordered and received new running shoes.  After I had been to the shoe store and spoken to the very helpful guy there I tried on a pair of Brooks Ghost 4s and they felt great.  Went home tried the race lacing technique (which is still working wonders by the way) but I still had a hankering and so went ahead an ordered them online (about 25% cheaper than in-store).  I've only done a 3 miler on Freddie the treaddie with them so far and it's love already WOOOOHOOOOO :-)

On the trainer rack ....

... nice to have more than one pair

Bit concerned about tomorrows long run what with this fab snow and all .... I may very well be doing long miles on Freddie but will wait until late morning before making a decision like that.

PS This is how comfortable Bella & Rufus are with each other now ....

Have a fantastic weekend everyone.