Saturday, 11 February 2012

A Run for Sherry Arnold

Today SUAR (ShutUp and Run) organised a virtual run in memory of a family member, Sherry.  On the 7th of January Sherry left for a run and never came home.  Beth in her words "My goal is to get the MOST love, momentum and energy moving in honor of Sherry. This run symbolizes the beginning if healing and honors a woman who was courageous, strong and loved by so many." and I think that was a beautiful tribute to a clearly much loved woman, mother, teacher and friend.

So today I ran for Sherry, I ran for her family, friends and students who will miss her dearly.  I ran with my heart, body and soul grateful for the love of my family and friends and the ability to run.

Heading out ...

Fuzzy but beautiful view; serene, crisp and calm

RIP Sherry
With Love, peace and strength to all xx