Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Perception V Reality take 2

I realised after my last post that as much as I criticise my race pictures that everyone seems to do the same, confused? let me explain:
I look at other peoples race pictures and think "oh how fantastic, they look amazing, full of energy, look like they just stepped out the shower, smiling so beautifully, such an athletic runner, gawd check out those awesome pins ..... etc etc etc"
Then I look at mine and think "fat b!tch, how many chins??!!!! chipmunk cheeks :-( look at the rolls, I look like I'm walking .... SLOW! Tomato face deluxe, crap I look all washed out etc etc etc"

So why do we do this to ourselves? We are our own worst enemies, its true! BUT we need to change!  I'll admit I'm not a "natural runner" but then most of us probably aren't to start off with so why (in my instance) don't I cut myself some slack?  Why are we so hard on ourselves? Is it a drive to push harder to achieve better to be better to look better or is it to say what we THINK others are thinking about what we look like ..... mmmmmm

So next time you see a running or race picture of yourself be kind, look for the good, look for the AWESOME in you, I did and found someone who didn't run 3 and a half months ago and there she was finishing her first ever half marathon.  Well done to me and WELL DONE TO ANYONE AND EVERYONE WHO RUNS, CYCLES, WEIGHT TRAINS, SWIMS, YOGA's, PILATES and more .... the basic health benefits we are giving ourselves outweigh a not-so-great picture of ourselves.