Sunday, 26 February 2012


Run schedule for the week:
Tues: 3 miles
Wed/Thur: 4 miles
Sun: 15 miles
Wed: 2miles (painful)
Fri: 3miles
Sun: 10 miles (painful from 8miles)

During the Brighton Half (from about 11 miles) and afterwards my right calf was very tight and the tendon down the outside of my right foot has been painful to walk on.  I have been ridiculously attentive to massaging, stretching and wearing my compression calf sleeves.  So I did Tuesdays run on Wednesday to make sure it had had enough rest, but it was PAINFUL and I had to stop a mile short - calf tightened quicker than I dare to admit and the foot pain was back.  Fridays 3 miles were easier and pain free so thought I was good to go for my 15 today - massaging and stretching had worked .......  sadly the reality was that by mile 7 to 8 I started to become aware of both the calf and the foot tendon and from 8 miles onwards it was painful, and then my feet threw in some insane blister chafing action for good measure (I had Compeed plasters on already!!!???!!!)

SO after a chat with my pops-in-law I have decided on the following plan of action.

My plan of action for this week:
Massage, daily - LOTS
Stretch, daily - LOTS
Wear compression calf sleeves
Cycle instead of run until at last after seeing my Chiro
Go back to lacing normal style lacing and not "race lacing" I have a theory I may be preventing free flow of blood and oxygen to my feet and its manifested in this tendon pain because the lacing is tighter around the ankle and over the foot.

This is my first exposure to injury does anyone have any theories on what is happening?