Thursday, 9 February 2012


Good-Lordy, from BOOM to BUST in just a few days.  To be honest I have not felt much for anything including blogging this week.  Can't pinpoint it on anything, its so frustrating not to be able to identify why I have been feeling like this.  Exercise is happening all be it only running, there is not too much stress in other parts of life just your general daily "never ending laundry pile" stuff.  I do feel I should be doing more at work but thats about it.

Here is what I HAVE been doing:

  1. Eating ... lots and everything I can lay my hands on.  NOTHING is safe!
  2. Sleeping ... I'm getting a GOOD 8 hours per night and yet I still crash after lunch?
  3. Being cranky and grumpy ... no tears yet but always close!
So what is wrong, why am I so drained and miserable all the time?  How do you cope when this happens to you?
   ... misaligned moons or something?  I DO hope so!

I'm trying to keep up with blogs promise even if I haven't commented.

Hope you are all well :-)