Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Letter to my feet

Dear Feet,

I know you are attached way down there at the end of my legs and you possibly think that I have forgotten about you or don't care for you anymore.  Well, I just wanted to let you know that nothing is further from the truth.  You have carried my body around for more years that I will admit to, you even grew a whole shoe size with the extra weight I asked you carry with each child, you even allocated it evenly and grew a half a size with each.

I scrub you down and clip your nails to keep you neat and tidy but I very rarely make you look pretty with coloured nail polish or massage cream into your dry aching skin.  I keep you wrapped up in socks and shoes or at the very least dodgy sandals for most of the day and then shove you into trainers and ask you carry me all the while I push myself to run.  "from zero to hero" ... "we can do it" I tell myself without ever stopping to ask you how you feel about all this.

So now dear feet you are making it clear to me where you stand on this punishing regime I have instilled on you and I hear you loud and clear.  I am resting you up on the couch, look ... I can even see you.  I will chill you a little with ice then warm you up with some Tiger Balm and massage you with creams at night to help you relax.  I will not ask you to carry my body this week with running but we can have some super-spintastic-fun on the bicycle on the turbo trainer where you will not have to bare weight, but please be carful not to get dizzy now please.  All the while I will be stretching out your neighbours the calf muscle so they can help you get better and then we can all start running together again ... KAY :-)

Thank you for always being there for me feet.

Yours Truly,