Wednesday, 1 February 2012


You will more than likely have seen the "11 things" quiz that is popping up on blogs, I know I have read a few and there are bound to be more I am sure. I finally got tagged by the lovely Lucy but then had to get my brain into gear to actually do the quiz and answer the questions set ..... best I get a cuppa and some biscuits to keep me fuelled ;-)

Here are the rules:
1. You must post these rules
2. Each person tagged must post 11 things about themselves on their blog
3. Answer the taggers questions
4. Create 11 new questions for the people you tag to answer

11 random things about me .... pretend you care OK ;-)

1. I gave up sports in high school because I was such a lazy mare.  I tried hockey but they wanted to put me in goal; I tried netball but they wanted me to run around the hockey field for warm up - EH!! I signed up for tennis but they couldn't find us a coach so in the end I just gave up.

2. My middle name is PAULINE from my great grand mother on my fathers side, I get called LP a lot by my mom but this gets lost on the younger generation.

3. I have tinnitus ... have I not mentioned this before???  Ringing in the ears so loud it affects my hearing. YES, I have a hearing aid but do not use it because it amplifies EVERYTHING not just the person I am talking to but the kid screaming 10 aisles away in the supermarket!

4. I do not miss living in South Africa .... it's true, I prefer the colder weather in the UK.

5. I am however not against sipping cocktails on a beach for a holiday.

6. I am currently really enjoying running ssssshhhhhhhhhhh OK!

7. I never thought I would live beyond primary school.  Call it weird or morbid but I was truly shocked to make it out of primary school and I cannot tell you why .... true story ;-)

8. I don't like it when kids say "shut up", "stupid" or "oh my God".  Shut up just sounds harsh coming for a little munchkin and "stupid" sounds nasty.  And once you are old enough to understand religion and all alternatives then you can whip out "Oh My God" freely if you wish.

9. I wear glasses to read & for computer work .... well I have done for the past 2 weeks now and the bladdy things are still tight on my head - ouch :-(

10. I LOVE clicking my neck & back and its why I LURV going to the chiropractor.

11. When I was little I broke my toothbrush and hid it behind the sink (it was free standing stem type sink) thinking no one would ever find it. No one ever said anything but there was a new toothbrush for me the next day ;-)

Good grief, well done, grab another cookie then.

OK, so here are Lucy's questions to me:

1. What is the most memorable thing you have ever done?
Not taking marriage and kids into account, the most memorable thing I have ever done is stand at the top of the World Trade Centre in 1989 - it was magical and empowering and will remain a memory I can feel forever.
2. What is your favourite type of baked good?
Good lord I have to choose? To buy right now I'd say cinnamon swirl; and to make would be chocolate brownies .... to eat = BOTH ;-)
3. What is your favourite city/place in the UK?
Edinburgh, without a doubt.  It's a combination of the people, the setting ... everything.
4. How much exercise do you do a week? Any type that you particularly enjoy?
I try for a minimum 3 times a week but ideally 5 times.  3 runs and 2 "other" which may be Zumba or cycling or kettlebells or less frequently a DVD.
5. Did you have any childhood nicknames?
Heffalump and no I was not fat but I was 2 years older than my cousin ergo taller & bigger than her and she thought Heffalump was appropriate!
6. How many blogs do you have in your Google Reader?
7. What would be your ideal job/occupation?
What I do now, great flexibility.
8. Do you watch much TV? Favourite programme?
No, I generally read blogs while hubby watches telly.  Do enjoy "How I met your mother" though.
9. What do you eat for breakfast?
Good Day = scrambled eggs, with peppers or courgette & 2 slices of bacon / porridge
Bad Day = white toast, butter and either cheese, or vegimite.
10. What was your favourite subject when you were at school? Did you like doing homework??
Science because we had a fantastic teacher (Miss Hebblethwait I think her name was) and no, hated it
11. Now this is an important you like parsnips?
LOVE them especially tray roasted with a drizzle of olive oil and rosemary - YUM.

Now for the important part, I get to tag .....

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My Questions for YOU:
1. When and why did you start to run and if you don't run, why did you start to exercise?
2. Where was you last vacation?
3. What phrase or word do you tend to overuse?
4. How many hours of sleep do you average a night?
5. How many siblings do you have?
6. What is you favourite food and why?
7. What do you like to do most in your "me time"?
8. Have you ever done something you thought (or were told) you could never do?
9. What is your favourite post exercise meal or snack?
10. What is your favourite time of the day?
11. I work at home at my computer so check blogs/emails/twitter/facebook regularly; How do YOU organise the social media in your life?

And that's about it for me today folks ... maybe a wordless post a little later?!

* What is "Elevenses"?  Read here to find out.