Sunday, 5 February 2012

A Day of Records

Its like I had nothing better to do this Sunday so I thought I'd just hop on Freddie and knock out 12 miles ..... eeeerrrrmmmm well no, that would't be entirely true!  My schedule told me to do 12miles this weekend, I was like ....

Have you looked outside????? 
Its all like this .....

To be fair I did check with mates in and around town to make sure it was really unsafe and that I wasn't just taking the easy route.

Yeah right like 12 miles on the treaddie is EASY!  I've always had it in my head that 5miles was my treadmill limit and thats as far as I have trained on it for this time round (bar the 7miles when I was sick and needed access to loads of tissues and the loo).  But I think because I had my head set on the fact it was going to have to be I just settled in to it, I relaxed and didn't fight it.  I listened to a Jillian Michaels podcast and a Marathon Talk podcast; put my timer on so I didn't have to mentally fight with what was the time when I last walked; took the time off and only watched distance etc etc

I'm EXTREMELY pleased with having done 12 miles as this is the furtherest I have ever run, let alone on the treaddie.  My furtherest race was a 10 miler so I'm now in record breaking territory and setting PBs all the way YEEEEEEEHA!

Run stats:
12 miles / 19.3km
Run : Walk ratio
6min : 2min
8.7km/hr : 6km/hr
Hammies got a bit sore at about 10 miles (not pain, just aware of them) but otherwise comfortable all the way.  I  know I'm not going to break any records here and ultimately my marathon in April will be like one HUGE interval training secession but it is how I will ensure I get to the start line as well as the finish line.  Some may be judgemental and call it not running ... don't judge, I've gone from zero running to this in not very much time.  I have true and full admiration of people who CAN run marathons without stopping and walking and I do hope to get there one day as well.

With this I KNOW I will be able to do the half on the 19th .... BRING IT OOOOOON :-)

Thats my Sunday, how was yours?