Sunday, 19 February 2012

Brighton Half Marathon

Shew, where do I start???

I suppose I should start by telling you all that I remembered my shoes, my Garmin, my race bib, pins .... we got there in time, sun was shining it was all GOOD.

It was a long enough walk from parking the car to the start for me to consider that my warm up, besides which, I was in the looQ while their "warm up" was taking place and then I was actually ON the porta-potty when the start siren officially went off, I'll say it *would you have expected anything else form me?* ;-)

Start line pictures
I'm not a morning person, can you tell?!?!?!
When I came out the port-potty I joined the back and it still took me several more minutes before I crossed the START

The route was a little detour up and down past the Brighton Royal Pavilion (worthy of a visit if you are in the area by the way), then up out of Brighton towards Lewes - yip UP from mile 2 to about mile 4 with a few level sections, to acclimatise I told myself!  Funny how coming back down it didn't seem half as steep ..... mmmmmmmm
View coming back down in to Brighton.
Sorry its fuzzy!

Then it was past the start line back down the seafront and off to Hove for an out & back, as fast as you can make it back to the start/finish and VOILA finished .... 

OK, the bit you are gagging for?!?! 

I had a great time, mostly stuck to my training programme, got fuelling and hydration right.  Leggies are a little more sore/tight than I was expecting but I blame mile 2-4 & the hill for that.

2013 I'm going to KILL that half and make it my slave :-)