Sunday, 1 January 2012

Who Knew?

WOW, if the rest of 2012 travels along the same learning curve as the first day of the year I'm in for knowledge overload ;-)

I went for my first run of the year, in the rain, and I didn't melt ...... WHO KNEW right!  It wasn't easy to say the least and my sweat wicking, high tech running top felt like it turned into a 1990's wet rugby jersey (VERY heavy in other words).  BUT with the mental anguish I have been putting myself through with running/not running/procrastinating about running/walking breaks etc I HAD to do todays run outside, NO MATTER WHAT.  If I started the year putting off yet another run my mind would have beaten me and that would have been the end of marathoning for me and that is not what I want.  SO job done :-), brain getting beaten back on track and I have a smile on my face .... yeah, bullmastiff with wings ;-)

Post run slob kit :-)

Calf stretch 1
Standard leg out back with heel down

Calf stretch 2
Front of foot raised, heel down knee bent
From the side and from the top (yip, I can still see my toes)

Calf stretch 3
Front of foot raised, heel down, leg straight but push hip forwards

All of these are sore but I can feel them getting into all the different muscles of the calf, the ones that cause me a bit of jip if I don't do them.

Oh before I forget, Maria over at Running Cupcake is having a giveaway, go check her out.