Thursday, 19 January 2012

Three Things Thursday

Thought I'd try this one out and see how I go ;-)

I have not had coffee since Monday, that is a LOOOOONG time for me, its not been accidental, I'm doing Phase 1 of Harcombe again to cleanse my body for a boost I think.  I had a headache for 3 days starting on the Monday but I managed to see it through with some ibuprofen help (I'm not one to suffer).

After procrastinating for ages yesterday, I finally got my ass onto Freddie, the schedule said 5miles, I'd committed to 3 miles with the proviso that anything after that would be a bonus.  Well I kept convincing myself in the "just a little more" kinda way and I did ALL 5 miles.

I've had a 20 minute mid-day power nap 2 days running.  Yip, it's true! Yesterday at my desk just after lunch and today on the couch during lunch (I work from home so it's easy).  I've started taking Berocca daily again ... I think I need more than a caffeine free boost ;-)