Sunday, 29 January 2012

Race Lacing


So, if you follow PGM on Facebook (click HERE if you are not already) you will know that I asked the question have you Ever heard of "race lacing" your trainers? and a few responded no.  So I thought I would share because it may benefit someone some day.  I loved how the the guy who helped me (Mike from Up & Running) he went through the laborious process of showing me the race lacing style, and then entertained me by letting me try on different trainers as well with the full understanding that I was not going to actually buy anything, he was so helpful with no benefit to him or the store, in fact all he got was a view of my hairy legs while showing me the lacing style.

Phase 1

Thread the lace top down into the "spare" hole at the top of your trainers.

Phase 2
Cross the laces over and pass through the loop you have just created & pull to tighten.

Phase 3

Knot & bow as you normally would.

It's amazing how the trainer immediately feels different on the foot ... it's all to do with that extra hole at the top of the trainers that I thought was a waste of energy putting it there - apparently not!  Felt a bit tight on todays run but thats because I think I now need longer laces to accommodate the extra threading & loop ..... no blisters or chafing though so could be my solution :-)