Monday, 23 January 2012

Magnificent Monday

I'm so pleased yesterdays post made some of you smile, it was such a great giggle snuggling on the couch with mini-me jnr and messing around with photo booth :-)

Today I received a parcel I had long been waiting for and looks like it was SO worth the wait.
I'd entered a give-away on Keeping Healthy Getting Stylish and won a bottle of Hemp oil ... on NO, not one bottle, not two, not three buuuuuttttt.......

yip, FOUR bottles Hemp oil and 2 sachets of protein mix
Can't wait to get trying all of it.

Last week I had a great week.  
I did Phase 1 of the Harcombe diet to try cleanse my body of the ridiculous chocolate and sweet cravings I had been having.  You may have read about my caffeine withdrawal headaches I was suffering half way through last week and then when I actually had a cup of decaf on Friday ...... MEH!... wasn't as great as I had hoped so I taking this is a really good sign.  By the middle of the week I was ready to sell one of my kids for a bar of chocolate but I stayed strong, kept the kids and the craving have dissipated.  HOWEVER, this morning I woke up with a sugar headache after yesterdays dessert indulgences, apparently this happens when you go for a week without sweets or chocolates or sugar or even honey!
So I'm going to happily pootle along and do Phase 1 for another week because I think I have not quite gotten rid of the cravings yet ;-)

Exercise last week was not ALL to plan.  I have stayed on 3 days running (not the planned 4 runs) so I don't up running tooooo quickly again and flare up my shins again ..... I was going to show you a pretty chart here of my training but realised that I haven't filled in every run DOH!

... see the week of Christmas, nadda & I KNOW I ran ;-)

Anyway, it seems to be working:
Monday: Zumba
Tuesday: rest
Wednesday: 5miles
Thursday: rest
Friday: 3miles
Saturday: rest
Sunday: 10 miles
..... and my shins are happy :-)

Anyone else on Blogger getting this annoying popup?

I haven't asked for it or done anything different and it WON'T go away!!!!  I'll wait for hubby to see what he thinks, I don't want to be just clicking randomly on popups.

OK, well hope my ramblings didn't bore you took much I'm done now off to do more mundane things that always magically add up to yet another MAGNIFICENT MONDAY