Friday, 27 January 2012

Friday .... already!!!!!

Goodness, apologies for the absence but I had a very busy day on Wednesday (more on this to come) and then felt like I had a throat of fire when I woke up on Thursday morning and again today, I'm snotty & tight chest but not coughing!  I've been taking it easy since even the school run or a trip to the market can leave me breathless and exhausted - feeling like a wimp but don't want to stress my body as I want to still try get in my 7mile run this weekend.

OK so why was I so busy Wednesday? weeeeeeellllllllllll, there is someone I would like you to meet ......

A last tug-of-war with one of his brothers

Packed in his box ready for the long trip home ....

.... how he actually travelled home!

Meeting Bella who just tried to avoid him for the first day :-(*

But how can you not love this little face!
His name is Rufus and he is just the cutest thing**.

Day one at home and Bella was not to sure what to make of this little whipper snapper.
Night one he HOWLED till he crashed then howled some more .....
Day 2 and Bella started interacting with him and by the end of the day they were sleeping next to each other, made my heart melt.
Night 2 and there was silence until we came down at 7:30am = REZULT, long may it last :-)
And today they are even romping together and Bella wouldn't let Rufus back in the house until he had done his business outside first, such a cleaver girl she is.

We still miss Billy like crazy and when I now call the two of them I still have to catch myself; but this little scamp has a personality all of his own and I look forward to watching him grow and loving him just as much as any.

Have a fantabulous weekend folks, I'm going to try get well and keep Rufus from chopping Bella's tail off, what are you all up to?

* YES, the dogs are slowly chewing my house down!
** He is a Dogue De Bordeaux