Monday, 9 January 2012

1 week down, 51 to go

OK RESOLUTIONARIES, week one down and how are we all doing???  How does the gym look, is it still as busy as last week??  Have you seen as many runners on the road this week as last?? How do YOU feel heading in to week 2 of the new year?

Me??? I'm feeling good so far.  I don't go to a gym but the roads are still busy with runners and walkers alike.  In fact when I was out running yesterday (read: huffing and puffing dragging my feet along) I thought to myself:
"You know what?" rhetorical Q here ;-) ....
"You know what ..... if just a few people driving past look at me and think 
*well if she can do it so can I* (and then they actually go and do a run) 
.... then I've done my job properly"

One of the reasons I'm feeling good is probably thanks to the fact I don't really make resolutions.  My 2012 goal came to me in October last year and it has been my focus since and will be until 22 April 2012 when I finish the London Marathon ... in one piece and not land up in hospital.

Just a thought and I ask because I do not know .... do gyms run plans or challenges or competitions (like swimathons) to keep members focused and/or interested past the January surge of enthusiasm?
My thoughts are if they did this then it may keep people coming back?  What do you think?

Happy Monday everyone.