Sunday, 18 December 2011

YeeeHaaw Cowboy, it's *Round-up Time*

Trying desperately not to fall off in spectacular style ;-)
Food for the week:
I had to crack the whip on myself and thought whilst hubby was away climbing his mountain this week would be as good a week as any.  So I have gone back to no wheat, no sugar, and no dairy where possible.Well 
I am also back to logging my food to make sure I don't eat tooooo much of the healthy stuff, that would be like shooting myself in the foot for sure .... don't want that!
SO: most of the week I was good, Thursday night I caved and had 4 corn thins very generously sandwiched with almond nut butter :-(.  And Friday night I PLANNED steak ciabatta rolls topped with fried onion and a token salad on the side, it stood up to expectations ;-)

Exercise Roundup:
Monday: 5 miles ... don't be to impressed, shoulda been done SUNDAY!
Tuesday: Zumba
Wednesday: 3 miles on Freddie, I would rather have been in front of the fire, BUT needs must and I need to train so I must! 
Thursday: Rested - unscheduled, should have been cycle
Friday: 3 miles on Freddie
Saturday: REST, scheduled :-)
Sunday: 8 miles and my first blister :-) ....
....... can you see it?????

I am grinding my teeth at receiving Christmas presents and having to put them aside and wait until Christmas day otherwise I'll land up with loads of things but nothing under the tree, didn't stop me trying it on for size though ;-)
.... I know mom wouldn't mind if I wore it but it defeats the object and makes not as special if you know what I mean xx

Well guys and dolls, lets hit up the preChristmas week with a smile on our faces.   I'm going to think of 2012 goals I may want to set myself .... or maybe I should revisit 2011 goals and review those first - OOPS!