Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Wordy Part of Wednesday

Well blow me down if I don't feel like chatting a bit, you would never guess as mumzy is here and conversation is not a problem!  Today we hit up town and went for a coffee, mom had a white & dark chocolate truffle cheesecake, she is a mega cheesecake fan so without hesitation I almost ordered it for her before she confirmed ;-)

Soya cappuch for me, nom-nom

My chickens have been distinctly lacking blog space for a while, they just pootle around giving me eggs and entertaining themselves for the most part.  

We are down one Red Ranger, it wasn't looking well (feathers missing around the comb) but was still clucking around one day; when I checked on them in the morning I discovered that she didn't survive the night.  Their run around area was a bit of a mud patch so I got a few bags of bark to try alleviate some of the sloppiness and make it a bit nicer for them, and also safer for me if I have to go in there in the dark.  Another 3 bags and I should be able to cover the whole area round the back which I think would be nice for them to scratch around in too.

Think I am more excited than the kids for Christmas this year, only 2 more school run days and then its Christmas Holidays ... wooohooooo :-)  We are going to put our tree up this weekend and hopefully head up to London for lunch with some friends.

We're up to 22 total likes on PGM Facebook page YIPPEEE YAY and YAHOOOEEEE, keep it ticking all the way up to 45 so I can give away some stuff.

Are your Christmas decorations up or still to go up or NOT going up, and why?
Ours are not up yet as I was waiting for bah-humbug hubby to go on his trip then the kids and I could do it at our leisure without Mr "Rolling Eyeballs" rolling his eyes at us :-)

Hope you all have a fantastic second half of the week.