Thursday, 1 December 2011

Oooooohhhhh, SO nice

I am absolutely over the moon with what arrived this afternoon ...
They finally came back in stock in my size and today they arrived
They were on my feet in zero.point.five.seconds :-)
In other news:
I'm still alive, I have to be, no one can consume the amount of rubbish I have in the past few days and not suffer very real bloating consequences.

My exercise mojo is on slow and my run yesterday became a treadmill run today ... of sorts.  I wanted to give up at mile 1 and convinced myself to do 2 miles.  Problem with treadmill running -at home- is that the family is just WAAAAY to close for comfort.  I landed up doing 5km but to be honest about half of one of those kilometres was spent standing on the side listening to some problem or another.

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