Monday, 19 December 2011

Monday Musings

Well Sunday rounded up with the tree being put up - FINALLY.  I'm generally soooooo lazy about getting round to it but with 2 nagging kids I had to buckle at some point.  Anyways, here it it .....
taaadaaaaa ....

I collected Billy's ashes today and not sure what I was expecting but the tears rolled before I knew what was happening, it was real, now to keep him close and let him rest xxxx

Gotta fix a falling down fence today too I won't bore you with details but suffice to say I'm feeling all macho & DIY Doris right now ;-)

Its amazing what can occupy your mind whilst out running.  I've never run an 8 mile training run before quite simply because I've never had to (longest race pre marathon training was a 10 miler).  So as the miles ticked over so my brain got to thinking some strange things:
1. I had a blog post all written up in my head (no its not this one & I don't actually remember what it was about but it was good - made me smile ;-)
3. "Morning"
4. Did I have a shot block last break or do I need one this break, come on think, ThInK, THINK!!!!
5. Hot shower, hot shower, hot shower ......
6. My butt is cold ...... how can my butt be cold I have nickers on, capris on, and a skirt on .... butt CAN'T be cold ....
7. "Afternoon"
8. Don't be a wimp, your husband is climbing a flipping mountain in the rain and cold, no hot showers, no lasagne with more than just a cold butt .... SUCK IT UP CHICK!

Keep safe peeps.