Thursday, 15 December 2011

Hubby's Kili Update

I was like a little kiddie today when I got a call from hubby up the mountain, I thought we wouldn't hear form them until they got back down again so talk about SURPRISED :-)

My friends map her hubby left for their 3 year old daughter to track his progress up the mountain

They have been hiking for 3 days now and so far all is good, rained loads the first few days but he refrained from commenting on waterproof efficiency of his rain gear .... all part of the hardship of climbing a mountain me thinks ;-)  Over all it sounds like they are having a BALL.

I did a little google and found where they are camped tonight which is Shira Hut Camp on their route, found someones vid on youtube and thought I would share with you.

In some ways I'm a little jealous of them doing something so awesome but mostly I'm ever so proud of my hubby for living out his dream.