Thursday, 10 November 2011

Yummy Winnings :-)

I'm not shy to admit ...... I LOVE WINNING ;-).

Today the postman did not need to ring twice, once was enough and I was there win a FLASH.  He was delivering some goodies from Maria over at RunningCupcake woooohooooo.
TADAAAA .... not one but TWO boxes = much excitement

Contents of box 1
My new favourite mug
Peppermint tea and English Breakfast tea

Box Number 2 contents
A beautiful bag and a personal card from Maria,
Brownies & vegan pumpkin muffin (I'm SO hunting that recipe down!!)
Seeded Bars (which I'm keeping hidden for running fuel)

Since my postie was round at about 10:30 it was perfect timing for mid-morning tea and brownies, I SHARED, can you believe it?????!!!!!..... me neither!

Oh and dinner last night was rather sublime as well ..... clearly not slow carb but made my damp wet mood feel a lot better.
From "Two Greedy Italians"
Agnello con piselli freschi (lamb with peas)

Have a fantastic evening/day/morning