Friday, 18 November 2011


OK so because this blog cannot be ONLY about what I'm eating right!!!  I need to talk about other stuff right? RIGHT!

So my left leg and ankle were fine this morning after yesterdays tumble, a little stiff but nothing serious, well I'll have to wait for my run later for a final verdict though.  Today was Pudsey day at the kids school, no dressing up but they headed in with pockets full of change to lay out on a big picture of Pudsey.
Pudsey Bear
On the way to school this morning I had to have a stern talk with the boys about how lucky they are and how grateful they should be (all started with mini-me-snr whinging about his collar itching his neck) and for a sugar-wheat deprived mommy this was all it took to get me started on the "there are children in this world who would love to have your shirt to itch their necks ......." speech.  I may have over done it but they really rile me up sometimes when they come across as so ungrateful for what they have*.  Fortunately I had Pudsey to back me up and that the world is trying to help these children.

How do you support charity?
I always contribute to charity requests form the school for the kids. And I have several monthly contributions I make to the NSPCC, Cancer Research, Air Ambulance and the RSPCA.  There are also the regular charity donations to friends raising money for various good causes.

Breakfast: Porridge with chopped up dried apple and a drizzle of Agave nectar and a cuppa coffee
Mid morning: 1x mint tea and 1 x Chai Rooibos tea ... it was cold ;-)
Lunch: leftover spag mince with veggies, coffee & 1 corn thins & nut butter sandwich
Snack: 2 corn thins with hummus
Dinner: Chicken biryani on the menu still to eat it though ;-)

2.7mile run with one "ickle" walk in the middle.  Was supposed to be 3 but I honestly missed a loop I'd mapped out ;-)  Felt comfortable and could have carried on which is a good thing right??!!

Something Arb:

Mushroom from my garden, I want to call it an umbrella mushroom because thats what it looks like.
It was bigger than my hand but it was closer to the camera ;-)

Have a fantabulous weekend folks.


*Special note: the boys do regularly clear out toys and clothes for donation so I do know how much they can understand but maybe 08:30 in the morning was a tad to early for a lecture :-(