Sunday, 20 November 2011

Indulgent running post

Not like me at all to be indulgent is it ;-)

OK so a progress report on my marathon training.  All seems to still be working well, legs and lungs are doing what they are supposed to do; brain is starting to come around to a more positive way of thinking; my chiropractor Dr Nam is keeping my joints oiled and I'm being a good girl and doing all my stretches; but uuuummm my bowels are not co-operating (more later).

I'm busy building up to 10 miles pre Christmas so I can start official Hal Higdon Novice 1 marathon training the week before Christmas and today was 5 miles on the plan.  Now I thought I was getting good at mapping routes on but I made a schoolgirl error today when mapping out my run ...... I mapped out 5 kilometres not 5 MILES!!!!! DOH!  Now in a way this was actually a good thing because half way round my route I had to start run walk because my tummy started playing up again (it had done an hour before I set out & I thought I had "emptied" it out, but apparently not).  So I managed to get home with seconds to spare, no I'm not dramatic am I (teehee) and then instead of heading out onto the road again I finished on the treadmill.

Road: 3.82 miles (45:17)
Treaddie: 2km (1.2miles) (14mins??)

I feel like I cheated but at least I finished and had a loo 5feet away if I needed it ;-)

Why my tummy played up ...... yesterday I went to a 3 year olds birthday party = wheat and sugar overload for more than just the kiddos!!!!

Today was a first for me as well, besides the 5 mile run that is!!!  Instead of water post workout I had a NUUN Kona Kola flavour and it was great.  None of that salty electrolyte taste you can get from some of these drinks and even the kids had a slurp and said it was great ;-)

Overall I'm feeling positive and strong about the impending marathon.

Oh and I also have a book to read about marathoning.  The lovely Vicky over at Weight and Run sent me The non runner’s marathon guide for women by Dawn Dais.  I'm going to start that tonight and will update you when I have finished (remember though .... I'm-A-SloW-Reader!)

Here's to a fantastic Monday peeps