Wednesday, 16 November 2011

HumpDay Roundup

Breakfast: porridge with a tbsp of homemade blackberry jam not sure the jam did me any favours int eh sugar department, may try Agave Nectar tomorrow.
During the day: Lots of coffee (I don't sugar thankfully) = too much milk in reality
Snack: mini croissant need to stop with the wheat products
Lunch: LARGE courgette & red pepper omelette
Dinner: chicken stir fry with coconut/lemon grass sauce & a sprinkle of basmati rice

...... and then it went downhill :-(  8 rich tea biscuits sandwiched with butter and chocolate spread - I cannot be trusted!  BUT, having said that, its not been as bad as it could have been

3 mile run on Freddie - DONE

I did a toe stretch after stretching out my calf and nearly peed myself it was so sore!  I went up onto the ball of my foot and "leant into" the toe and gently rolled it from side to side ... OUCH! Gonna massage it a bit later tonight.

Sorry guys, I know this is boring but I'm struggling right now where food is concerned and its effecting my health (I'm bloated, snotty, itching eyes, and you don't want to get me started on toilet habits!), energy (I have none) and ability to exercise (who wants to put spandex on a bloated listless body?).

Stick with me through this please, any help and advice graciously received.