Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Getting over the slump-hump

Such beauty and today I still have a face that looks like a slapped monkeys ass!!!!  

I need to get over it, seriously!  I feel I had everything to help me through from a Lumie lamp, loving & supportive family and friends, through to vitamins and minerals to boost my immune system BUT nooooooooo, I still need to grump and feel sorry for myself, GEISH!

I mean, I love autumn but its just been so damp this year, I don't know .... maybe it's not been cold enough for me??  Hope I don't regret saying that ;-)  I think I need to strengthen my mind even if it means planing mind games on myself, the kind I use to get myself to run that little further ("come on, just ONE more minute then you can stop").  I know I feel better after working out and feel fantastic after todays run and yet I procrastinate, for DAYS this time, I think I'm going to have to be tough on myself for a bit a see if that helps.

How do you cope with bringing yourself out of a slump?

Some exciting news is that the hubster is getting ready for climbing Kilimanjaro in December, he's all jabbed up with a visa in his passport and everything so looks like its all for real - YEIKS!

Climbing a mountain like that has never been on my bucket list, my bucket list mountain is the London Marathon :-)

What's ONE thing on your bucket list?



  1. Woah exciting but crazy about your hubby! I have a lot of places I would like to visit- can't really think of anything else though :)

  2. I have been in that slump lots of times! I think mothers in general try to take on too much and have very high expectations! When I need to get back on track I just start with one small step and it seems to improve from there! Words I read today were "You can do anything but not everything" Hope this helps:)

  3. Getting out of a slump is difficult. I usually try to force myself to get out an exercise because I know it makes me feel better - it's not always easy though.

  4. it is hard, but you will prevail and be better for it!!!! Sending you tons of hugs!!!!

  5. I have to keep modifying my bucket list. Maccu Piccu is on there I think (even though I butchered the spelling).

    My slump buster seems to be exercising with my brother. He slays me. He's completely hilarious, and makes working out fun again.

  6. Climbing a mountain is definitely not on my bucket list. Maybe a marathon? Or a 70.3?

  7. Wow, well done to your hubby! Brave man :D

    My bucket list mostly consisted of Bands I Must See, but I've seen them all now (thank you Sonisphere Festivals). That and meeting Joss Whedon and Nathan Fillon (the Buffy the Vampire Slayer dude and Captain Mal from Firefly).

    The time of year doesn't help with slumps, does it? Everyone seems knackered. Other than that, I'd maybe start thinking about how you can do something fun to ease yourself back into it, and maybe start considering if you need to change your workout.

    I certainly get days here or there of just not feeling the workout thing, but if it persists for more than a week and I just can't bring myself to do anything, I take that as a sign that something's wrong, either with me physically or that I'm just not enjoying it any more.

  8. I know exactly what you mean Lara as I'm mid slump myself.

    The way I'm trying to pull myself out of it is to talk to myself. I have all the answers as I've been here too many times. I just need to draw on it and put it all back into action.

    We both know how much better we feel for eating well and exercising.......

    Easier said than done, but there are times when we have to JFDI :p


  9. I would love to see the world and experience every culture possible.


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