Thursday, 17 November 2011

Another Day Another Dollar

OK, so last night the *no sugar, no carbs* wheels fell off ...

I have a list of excuses a mile long that I could reel off for you but I won't. It is tomorrow and it WILL be better!  Your support has been amazing, thank you xx

Breakfast: slice of rye toast, fried egg and 1 cup of coffee
Mid morning: Mint tea OMG soooooo refreshing and warming and smells fantastic :-)
Lunch: Panfried prawns in soy sauce, garlic and a dribble of sesame oil tossed with veggies & a cuppa Chai Rooibos tea
Snack: Corn Thins with Almond nut butter more than I should have had but not my main priority today 
Dinner: chicken breast, veg, green lentils & a splurge of mayo
I may have a cuppa decaf coffee later with a dash of cream

30 minute iTrain secession with Keith, with eeeerrrrmmmmm, with a twist ......

...... **

Not hurt myself thank goodness, I managed to catch myself on my desk and unclip at the same time (benefit of having it set up in the office???!!!). THANKFULLY, no one saw .... even hubby was out the office today. GEISH, still felt like a right numpT! The back wheel somehow managed to unclip itself out of the turbo trainer and now I am left with a piece and I don't know where it goes.  I did clip the bicycle back in to the turbo trainer (sans this mysterious piece) and finished my secession since I was only half way.

SO, how did you boost your adrenaline today? :-)

** SO pleased I could be such a source of entertainment for my friends, they had a right laugh and if I'm called Bridget Jones from here on out ...... :-)