Wednesday, 2 November 2011

2 fantabulous surprises

I got a lovely surprise reading a favourite blog of mine as I have been awarded a lovely blogland award - YAY, I love awards.

Michelle is the original princess over at RUN PRINCESS RUN and she nominated be for this fab award, thank you gorgeous.

The rules of this nomination are:
I get to tell you seven random things about myself as well as pass on the award to seven other great bloggers.

Nominees, in order to accept this award you must:
-Thank and link back to the person who awarded you - CHECK
-Write seven random things about yourself - CHECK
-Award seven other awesome and inspiring bloggers - CHECK

1. I was born and raised in South Africa and lived there for the first 30 years of my life.  Got married and move to England with the hubster where we still live.
2. I'm more of a girly girl and now own more pink since having 2 boys than ever in my entire life.
3. I'm shy and naturally an introvert and have regularly been labelled a snob because of it.
4. I spent a few months in the US of A when I was 19 years old as an aupair, when it was still illegal and I hated every last minute of it so I went and stayed with an aunt & uncle I had never met (eternally grateful) and from there spent a few months travelling and visiting most of my American cousins who were all fab.
5. I tried to learn to snowboard in my early 30's (having never been a skier either) ...... I cried like a baby and I'm still convinced my instructor skied uphill to get away from me ;-)
6. The first thought through my head when I gave birth to mini-me-snr was "oh feck, it's real"!!!... I'm a natural right ;-)
7. I never knew I was such a control freak until I had kids and they wanted to do things like play dough, moonsand and help me bake and decorate cakes and stuff.

Now I can't remember who has had this award yet or not so apologies for repeats, just slap me and move on ;-)

SwimBikeMom because she ROCKS triathlons
Pedal Faster because I die just reading about her spin classes
Rocky Road to Maintaining ... she's done the journey of weight loss and getting to grips with maintenance
SiliconeMoulds for some great foodporn
Rachel's Delicious Journey for one of the nicest bloggers I know
AlmostOverNow ... she has flames leaping on her page!!!!
Porridge and Parsnips for another beautiful blogger

I was a winner AGAIN :-), I love winning can you tell ;-) 

I have won some Teapigs tea.  I entered a giveaway on Runningcupcakes's blog as she was raising money for Cancer Research with her Great South Run she aced over the weekend.  I am so over the moon about this because I tried out Teapigs Chai tea at Giraffe once and LOVED it so can't wait to try out different flavours

Happy Magnificent Monday folks.


  1. Congrats on your well-deserved award! I was born in SA too - and I'm half English, so we have something in common!

  2. I think most people turn into control freaks when they become mums, it goes with the territory!

    I didn't know you were born in SA, that's pretty cool (one of my old uni friends is from SA and keeps on at me to go and visit).

  3. Why, thank you kindly!

    I guess I'll have to keep that flame layout forever now ;)

    I'll post the award on Saturday probably, once I have finished grossing everyone out with tomorrow's post...

    And point 3.) applies to me too - so nice to meet another snobby introvert! <3


  4. I won a prize from Maria too - I'm so excited!
    I can totally related to your point about being an introvert and I'm conscious about seeming distant.

  5. I'm a huge control freak! I have two boys but hate pink:)

  6. Aww, thank you! :) Now I have to think of 7 random/interesting things about myself to post!!

    I can definitely relate to your no.7 - I spend a lot of time biting my tongue when doing baking with Izzy and repeating "it doesn't matter what it looks like, she's having fun..." in my head! My "nice" baking I save for when she's in bed! ;)

  7. The fact about giving birth made me lol, since I'm sure that will be me!

  8. hahahah I LOVE this! All of it :) You make me laugh so much :) <3 !!!


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