Tuesday, 22 November 2011

2 day Shortie

Mondays always feel like a good day for me, less focused than the rest of the week but I like that, its like easing myself in to the week slowly :-)

Food Roundup:
Breakfast: slice of rye toast with cheese & a cup of coffee
Snack: Rooibos tea with milk (comfort cup I call it), 3 corn thins with nut butter .... I need to be weary of just HOW much of this stuff I consume!
Lunch: pan fried prawns tossed with veggies & rice
Snack: corn thins, lacto free cream cheese & ham .... hang head in shame, I had about 5 of these!! :(
Dinner: chicken pesto past with durum wholewheat pasta

Rested up for no other reason than the day got away from me.


That being Tuesday and all ;-)  Not sure how my totally unproductive day yesterday managed to get away with me, hate it when that happens.  I did spend some time frittling on a site doing santa videos for the kids - I can't wait for them to watch them :-)

Anyways .... hubby did the school run this morning (hope the kids made it to school ;-)) as he was off to a chiro appointment, so I seized the opportunity to go back to bed for a few hours get changed into sexy cycling gear and do 45 minutes with Keith talking me through a few hills and sprints on the turbo trainer/stationary bicycle - nothing like a good sweat feast first thing in the morning, gotta love it!

Food Roundup:
Breakfast: rye toast with hummus and a fried egg (weird but it worked) and coffee
Post exercise Snack: 3 corn thins with cream cheese and ham & coffee
Lunch: veggies, chicken and rice combo - mmmmmmmm, yummy & Chai Rooibos tea
Dinner: Thai green chicken curry with basmati & wild rice (yet to be cooked let alone consumed ;-)

45 minute iCycle

Have a MAGNIFICENT Tuesday day everyone :-)