Thursday, 6 October 2011


I was very pleased the other day to find out I was one of several winners of a giveaway at Rachel's Delicious Journey.  But I was out when the parcel was delivered and I was supposed to put the Booja truffles STRAIGHT into the fridge ..... luckily for me hubby was home and did as instructed WITHOUT tasting the produce first, ~shew~!

So I got home to this .....

 Went STRAIGHT to the fridge to check on my Booja Booja babies,
yes I look toooo eager ;-)

See me HA PEA

It was a beautiful hand written note from the gorgeous Rachel

My pantry box is overflowing with goodness now, wooohooo


Hubster & I have just eaten our first ever raw chocolate.  As a post dinner treat we indulged and shared the **Healthy Heart** conscious bar that Rachel sent and suffice to say we are in love.  It.Is.Beautiful.  The texture is soft and smooth on the pallet and the taste was AMAZING.  Hubby is very cynical with things like this and he was enthusing that there is "no going back now!!!"

It's the single most DIVINE off the shelf dessert to have ever pass m lips. True story.



  1. Wouldn't mind a bit of that chocolate right now! It sounds delicious.Congrats on winning the prize!

  2. Sounds delicious! Congrats on the win!

  3. I love conscious bars, but I haven't tried that flavour before. My favourite is the love potion one, flavoured with rose water ... yummy!

  4. Yay love the peas postcard so cute! And yay for the raw chocolate- it is divine :)

  5. Haha! This post made me snort out loud with laughter! I'm so pleased it made you "ha pea" :) It made me ha pea to see your photos!

    I'm impressed that your hubby likes the Conscious chocolate too. It is indeed amazing x

  6. I was also a winner. I have weekend snackage sorted :)

  7. what a haul! I've only tried Conscious Chocolate once and it was super but I haven't re-bought because the price puts me off :(


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