Sunday, 16 October 2011

Turning 3 & other stuff

First on the agenda is a big thank you to everyone who has commented regards my "kids lunch box" dilemma, I do feel more settled in my head about it all.  Thank you.

Saturday was an exercise rest day and in the evening we had a fantastic oxtail stew hubby made, takes 4EVAR but sooooo worth the wait.  In-between all that my goddaughter & my bestie came round for the weekend and as it was gorgeousness' 3rd birthday I made strawberry muffins and topped some with cream cheese frosting.
I thought they turned out real cute and rather yummy :-)

Sunday was a late start day so a nice lovely lie in and a lazy breakfast with my goddaughter & her mommy & my boys.  Then it was time for my run.  I dressed and headed out, very soon I was fraught with skirt technical issues .... I had not tied the string tie tight enough and could not get it undone to retie it.  I Stopped. I forgot to stop C25K timer.  I started again.  I stopped. I restarted.  I restarted the timer .... or so I thought ... and so it went.  Basically I covered somewhere in the region of 4.2kms in approximately 35 minutes.  Annoying, yes especially as I had no rhythm so kept stopping too.  Glad I got out though :-)

I was most certainly not out for 40 minutes!!!

Had a quick chit-chat with pops-in-law re marathon training programmes and looks like Hal Higdon it is. So I'm all set really, new shoes x 2, new running skirt (issue sorted), training programme all sorted. go, go, GO then really ;-)  Oh and socks.  I am a Hilly Twin sock chick but did buy a new pair (brand unknown) to try out with my Mizunos and they were really comfortable all-be-it for only such a short distance, I'm loathed to change from my twins though ... they did see me through MoonWalk training and the marathon sans any issues so will stick with them for now.



  1. I love hilly twin skins too- I have tried a few other types (eg 1000 mile) but they are the best. I just ordered more from wiggle today- strangly 2 packs was cheaper than a multipack of 2. Hmm.

  2. The cupcakes look yummy! I would need to do a bit of running myself after all the eating I did last week:)

  3. What beautiful cakes!

    Sounds like you're all sorted and raring to go - glad Hal Higdon came out on top as I've seen a lot of runners at my gym use it with great success rates.


  4. Happy Birthday to Zara - super cute cupcakes!

  5. Hey- I get nuun from If I go out for longer than an hour I generally take it with me (in bottle with water) but less likely to in the winter. If it is really hot outside then when I get back from shorter runs I have it instead of water. It is only electrolytes, not energy, so on long runs at the mo I use clif shot bloks, and for super long runs I also took nakd raisins and nakd cocoa orange bar. :)

  6. Thanks for the sock tip. I'm using 1000 mile at the moment, which are OK, but I'm still getting some blisters so I'd like to try a different brand.
    I love the look of those cupckes - the pink is so pretty :-)


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