Wednesday, 12 October 2011

TIME, need more .... time.

This getting to bed early malarky is playing havoc with my blogging, I manage to catch up with about every second blog post I follow, comment on every 4th .... HELP, I need more time in a day.  But having said that I spoke to a lady today who gets up at 3am every morning to get to her first contract for the day at 4am, I think that's going to be my mantra from now ...... "at least its not THREE AM!!!".  I will need to kick in the Lumie lamp to help with these dark mornings, it certainly helped last winter when I was getting up at 5:45am for bootcamp that was for sure.

I have loads to report on, well it felt like it when I started writing this post.
There are sooo many fab giveaways at the moment but they all seem to be state-side so boooohoooo, I am not to have a sparkly Active Band headband :-(

Running training: This is still happening, I have 2 new pairs of shoes.  I know, I know I am greedy but I had to try a pair of Mizuno Wave Musha 3 running shoes (from Runningshoes4U online which was awfully brave of me as I have never tried this type of shoes before) ...
Right size, very comfortable (for low drop heel trainers I'm assuming??!!)

... and a pair of my standard go-to Asics Cumulus - I must say they have spiffed up the look all purple under the soles, check it out....
Sorry pic looks more blue but they are purple - HONEST!

Only thing with running is I have yet to actually hit the roads, I've been doing all my runs on Freddie my treaddie (motivation section is a work in progress soon to be completed, captured and shared with you all), so I am planning Friday & Sunday runs on the road.  On the upside this morning I remembered to bump up the incline to 1% half way through - crap it makes SUCH a huge difference!!!!

Sorry a running heavy post :-)
In other news I have been having trouble with what to pack my kids for school lunch: This is what they had today
mini-me-jnr = ham, cucumber, animal biscuits Capri apple juice the 1 of your 5 a day juices
(he also had a chocolate spread sandwich!!)

mini-me-snr = mini chedders, pretzels, cucumber, snickers & innocent smoothie

YES, I know they each have different food because they won't/don't eat the same things!!!!  I pander to them gggggrrrrrrrr!!!

I'm now late to bed and will be grumpy tomorrow morning but hoping Lumie lamp takes care of that for me.

How do you deal with early mornings?


  1. Early morning runs are tough, but they get the run out of the way for the day. I have found I have much more energy. Love you Mizunos!

  2. I turn on the lumie lamp by my bed as soon as I wake up- then once I am dressed etc I just put on the normal lights. I try to get things ready the night before (lunch, breakfast, clothes etc) so that I can take my time in the morning :)

  3. Great new running shoes!

    You really need to get on the road more than the treadmill. The difference being outside makes is massive and at first it will feel much harder so it will take time for your body to get used to it. I go outside 95% of the time and when I am on my treadmill it feels like a breeze which is a good thing but nothing compares to getting out there.

    Good luck

  4. I feel you on needing more time! Where do the hours go?? I dunno how some ppl do it!

  5. I nearly bought those Asics - I really liked them, but the Brooks just had the edge for me.
    Blogging is a really time-consuming hobby - fitting it all in is a nightmare.

  6. I am horrible at early mornings unless I am up for a race or on vacation. If I try to get up before work for a run it just doesn't happened. I joined the YMCA in August, so now I am up at 5:15am 3 days a week so I can get to my 6am water aerobics. Fortunately the class is really fun, so I don't mind!


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