Monday, 3 October 2011


I know I should muster up a September roundup so I'll try but I'm not going to promise that I'll remember to cover everything I set out.

Firstly though, Sunday was mostly ...
Bliss but my butt did get sore from sitting on the bench for so long ;-)

The Roundup Part
Slow carbing, as started 12 days ago, has been going very well.  I'm totally enjoying the food I am eating, and my current favourite is stir fry veggies topped with griddled pork loins & cubed avocado ... no surprises what I had for din-dins tonight ;-). The big surprise for me was I didn't go ape-sh1t on cheat day, think I may be growing up??!! Or not teeheehee.

My exercise plan I believe I maintained a successful balance and found a groove.  Only to have it turned upside down with the arrival of a simple marathon magazine.  I'm now planning on working some SERIOUS running training in to my week.

A peek back at the challenge I set myself:
My Challenge is:
To do 20 minute iCycle on the turbo trainer at least twice a week
Get an inspiration (read THINSPIRATION) board to go in front of Freddie my treadmill
Fall in love with running again, enjoy training and make a decision on the Great South Run later on 
Challenge Recap:
9 secessions on the bicycle ... 1 FULL 45 minutes, OH YEAH BABY ;-)
I cleared the area around Freddie but Phase 2 is still pending, 
And BOY-oh-BOY do I have motivation to run now!!!  The Great South Run is off though ... doesn't fit in with the schedule.

As soon as I have a schedule set in a spreadsheet (as I do), I will post more structure to my workouts, but since the beginning of October it's looked like this:
1st Oct: Rest Day (always great to start a month with a rest day ;-)

2nd Oct: C25K Run/walk secession
3rd Oct: 20 min iCycle secession

I won a giveaway over at Rachel's Delicious Journey such an awesome feeling ..... I must have a giveaway one day too, maybe once I hit 100 followers?? mmmmmmmm wonders off to muse ;-)

Welcome new followers, its great to have you on board.

Have a fantastic week peeps, I'm hoping October will be as fantabulous as September was.


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  1. Congrats on winning the giveaway :-)
    Well done on your September goals - don't worry about the GSR - you have bigger fish to fry next April!


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