Friday, 21 October 2011

My week in bullets

... not real bullets of course ;-)

  • I am seeing a chiropractor (Dr Nam) 
  • He is fantastic
  • He is snap crackling and popping my shoulder (the cause of near migraine Monday) and my lower back ... apparently my shoulder is more muscular and my lower back skeletal
picture repeat ;-)
  • He is freeing up all problems over the next week or so 
    • then going to try fix me 
      • then we need to maintain me until my marathon is over
  • Marathon training Running is coming along nicely
  • 2 runs, a cycle & mini kettlebell  secession done so far and still the weekend to get through :-)
My current favourite motivational image .... True story!

Have a magnificent weekend everyone, mine involves a fair amount of exercise and avoiding getting Roger'd* this apparently involves not letting Roger fill up your glass of wine at every opportunity ..... will see how it goes ;-)



  1. It sounds like you've already done a bit of ass kicking for the week. I hope your chiro continues to help.

  2. Yay good work on all the running etc.
    Love that quote- if you ever read Mary at Bites and Bliss she had a whole list of brilliant quotes like that
    Love them :)

  3. LOVE chiropractors!!! Keep running and feeling good. I love your motivational poster there & there is another one I love "don't *&(() with a woman who runs 26.2 for fun" - that's going to be you someday!!!

  4. I love seeing my chirpractor - I always feel tons better afterwards. My shoulder has been causing my jip recently, so I need to go back to see him again about that at some point.

  5. Good job on the running! I was seeing a chiro but he is so far my schedule doesn't allow it right now but I honestly didn't feel any different when seeing him. Glad you are enjoying yours!

  6. I have a friend who is a chiropracter, it's a wonderful kind of friend to have ;)

  7. Never been to a chiropractor. It is interesting to hear your experience. Hot yoga has actually improved my spine alignment.

    Love the motivational picture and quote!

    Get UP & Go


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